Fee Schedule

Unified Schedule Established; Charges

All fees and charges for licenses and permits shall hereafter be published upon a unified schedule and all charges for licenses and permits hereafter shall be made according to such schedule.

When Effective; Amendments

The unified fee schedule adopted as part of this article shall be effective immediately. Any subsequent changes in the unified schedule shall be by resolution of this Council, unless by ordinance a fee or charge is newly established; in such instance, the fee or charge therein set forth shall be incorporated thereby in the unified fee schedule.

Any such resolution of change shall be finally adopted only upon a second reading at two regular meetings of the Council. During the period of time between the first and second readings, the proposed change in fees shall be available for public inspection in the office of the Borough Secretary.

Conflicts with Other Laws

All fees charged for licenses and permits now set forth in any ordinance inconsistent with said fee schedule are hereby repealed. Such action shall not invalidate the ordinance requiring the fee or charge to be paid or license to be issued.

Schedule Established

The unified fee schedule is as follows:

A. Building permit fees:

Valuation of Work / Fee

  • $1 to $500 = $15 (See Note)
  • $501 to $1,000 = $30 (See Note)
  • Over $1,001 = $30 (See Note) , plus $15 for each $1,000 of valuation or part thereof over the first $1,000

Note: The Borough shall assess an additional fee of $4.50 on each construction or a building permit issued in accordance with Ordinance 990.

  • Escrow fees (refundable escrow to secure compliance)
  • Impact fees (will negotiate informally with the applicant)

Building permit escrow fees (below listed or engineers' projections of potential impact upon public facilities):

  • $5,000 per block Damage to existing highways adjacent to the project where concrete trucks and other heavy equipment utilize Borough streets.
  • $5,000 Damage to municipal infrastructures such as inlets, signage, overhead wiring, and underground wiring (electric / telephone cable).
  • $10,000 Cost to insure public safety should the project terminate before completion (emergency services).

B. Zoning fees:

(1) Special exception or variance applications for change of zoning: To cover the proper administrative fees of the Borough; no refund to the applicant.

  • $500 for Residential
  • $750 for Commercial

C. Certificates of occupancy:

  1. New or resale:
    1. Residential: $30, plus $10 per unit.
    2. Commercial/business: $30, plus $10 per unit.
    3. Motel/hotel/rooming house: $100, plus $25 per unit.
  2. Leased/rented/let (occupancy changes):
    1. Residential dwellings: $30.
    2. Commercial/business office: $30

Reinspection fee: $15

D. Housing fees:

Annual inspection fees shall be as follows:

Type of Housing Fee

  • Motel / hotel / rooming house $100, plus $25 per unit
  • Residential dwelling $35, plus $5 per unit
  • Commercial / business office $35, plus $5 per unit
  • Nursing homes $100

E. Plumbing fees:

(1) Annual Plumber registration: $50.

Valuation of Work / Fee

  • $1 to $500=$15*
  • $501 to $1,000=$30*
  • Over $1,001=$30*, plus $15 for each $1,000 of valuation or part thereof over the first $1,000

F. Signs, permits for: $35.

G. Street occupancy permit:

  1. Issuance fee: Commercial fee: $25
  2. Facility openings: $50.
  3. Overhead facility installations:
    1. Up to 10 physically connected aboveground facilities: $20.
    2. Additional aboveground physically connected facilities: $2.
  4. Moving objects across the highway: $50.
  5. Restoration charges. Description:
    1. Restoration of high-type road construction: $50.
    2. In the case of concrete pavement or concrete base, where complete reconstruction is not contemplated within one year, the minimum size of the patch shall be four feet by four feet, with a minimum charge of $100.

H. Electrical permit fees are dependent on the level of work, construction, and gross square footage. Contact Code Enforcement for more information.

I. Subdivision and Land Development Review Fees

  • Filing Fee (non-refundable)
    1. Residential: $100
    2. Minor commercial: $250
    3. Major commercial: $500
  • Review Fees (refundable escrow)
    1. Residential: $2,500
    2. Minor commercial: $5,000
    3. Major commercial: $10,000
    4. Minimum cost of zoning/code enforcement review
      - 4 hrs @ $30 per hr = $120
    5. The minimum cost of engineers' review
      - 4 hrs @ $95 per hr = $380

For larger projects, costs are to be projected by staff and engineers and drawn against escrow.

J. Zoning Permit: $25

If you have any questions, please contact the Borough's Code Enforcement Department at 610-566-5210, ext. 247.