How do I keep flies and bugs out of my compost bucket?

Flies and bugs may increase in the summer for some people. Tips:  Keep the lid on at all times.  Keep the contents as cool and dry as possible. Store the bucket outside in a shady place.  Occasionally add shredded paper or dry yard waste.  Line the bucket with a paper grocery bag.  Rinse out the bucket every week after Public Works empties it.

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1. What happens to the food scraps we put out for collection?
2. Does the pickup take the whole bucket and leave a new one? Or do they empty it into the truck on-site and we get back a dirty bucket? Should we line our bucket or what?
3. Yesterday I was surprised that my bucket was already empty at 8 am - does Public Works start really early in the morning or is someone stealing my compost?
4. Can Public Works scrape out the food scraps that stick to the bottom of the compost bucket?
5. Should we purchase a screw top lid to make it more accessible?
6. Our lid was eaten by squirrels; how can I get a screw top lid?
7. If I miss a pickup can Public Works pick up the excess food scraps the following week?
8. Can Public Works pick up yard waste that I leave next to the yellow bucket?
9. How do I keep flies and bugs out of my compost bucket?