We have a very mature black walnut tree that drops hundreds of seeds each fall. Could they be picked up for compost?

Yes, throw those seeds in the bucket!  They are fine.

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1. Can you please explain more about what constitutes food scraps?
2. Are acceptable food scraps with a little bit of dairy products on them (like cheese) okay or no skip it since there’s some dairy on it?
3. I was wondering if spent potting soil from indoor plants is allowed in the buckets?
4. Is it okay to put seeds and pits in the compost?
5. We have a very mature black walnut tree that drops hundreds of seeds each fall. Could they be picked up for compost?
6. Are All tea bags and coffee filters acceptable in the compost program? Or only ones labeled specifically as compostable?
7. Say, if we can compost coffee filters, can we also compost plain, white paper napkins without any dyes or patterns?
8. How about pizza boxes?
9. My nut cheese is non-dairy & plant based cheese - can I compost nut cheese?
10. Is tofu okay to compost?
11. I know eggshells are ok, but what about eggs? If a raw egg spills on the floor can I pop the mess in the compost bucket? Can I put in scrambled eggs?
12. Can I recycle wine corks?
13. Do you accept compostable takeout containers? Should I break them up before putting them in?
14. Does bread have to be plain or can it have mayo or pb&j on it?
15. Can I compost leftover candy?
16. Chocolate too?
17. How about pumpkins decorated with washable fingerpaint?
18. Moldy and rotted pumpkins?
19. How about canna stalks and other dead plants and flowers?
20. I am disposing of my romain lettuce after the CDC recommendation not to eat it (per late-2018 E coli warning) - can I put heads of romaine lettuce in the compost bucket?
21. What happens to the fruit label stickers, many of which seem to be plastic?
22. Can we include dog or cat fur sheddings in their compost? Human hair from home haircuts?
23. Can I compost floral arrangements?
24. I understand it is poisonous to some animals so I wanted to check to see if it can go in the bucket - can I put a poinsettia plant in the compost?
25. I was wondering if we are able to compost Number 60 cotton and or 2% non-gmo cotton?
26. We have several eco-friendly ice packs that say the “gel is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and made from food grade ingredients”; before putting this in my bucket, I wanted to check if it was okay?
27. Are cellulose sponges compostable in our program?
28. How about compostable coffee pods (Nespresso, Keurig, etc.)?