Protect Yourself Against Theft

It is important to always lock your doors, both in your home and your vehicle. While Media is a wonderful place to live, no one is immune to becoming a victim of crime no matter where you live. Criminals tend to seek the path of least resistance; when looking for an easy “free item” they tend to check cars for unlocked doors, especially if the car has a cool electronic device prominently displayed inside. Items commonly left in vehicles are iPods, GPS devices, laptops, purses / wallets, spare change, keys, and cell phones. 

In today's high-tech society, many electronic items are a daily mainstay in your car, and items such as a GPS or iPod are often left plugged in and forgotten about on the front seat or dash. Don't leave spare change or your keys in plain view in your cup holders or ashtrays. Don't leave your car running and unattended. Be cognoscente of what you are leaving in plain view within your car and of your surroundings when exiting and entering your car.

Everyone is busy these days, but don't be so busy that you make yourself an easy target- take the time to remove your valuables when leaving your vehicle or lock them in the trunk out of view. If you see something or someone suspicious, call 911. The police would rather respond and learn the suspicious person had a legitimate reason to be in the area than find out later that the person was committing crimes in our community and got away. Crime prevention is everyone's responsibility.