Media Borough Stormwater Master Plan

The Media Borough Stormwater Master Plan, researched and written by engineering firm T and M Associates in collaboration with the borough, was adopted by the borough council at their August 2017 meeting. The plan takes a big-picture approach to address stormwater runoff in Media, identifying and prioritizing the most effective projects throughout the borough to address Media's flooding and related environmental problems.

The plan focuses on "best management practices" (BMPs) for stormwater, laying out green infrastructure solutions that emphasize "infiltration" over "conveyance."

Flooding on Front Street, Between Monroe and Edgmont

"Infiltration" projects are engineered to create or to use existing green space to draw rainwater into the soil-the nature's own very effective water treatment system. When rainwater is absorbed by the soil, pollutants and silt are filtered out by the time the water reaches Ridley Creek, the source of our area's drinking water. "Conveyance" systems-inlets and pipes are necessary but are frequently overwhelmed by the volume of runoff. This causes flooding and oversaturated areas that are not only a safety hazard but also damage property. When flooding occurs, storm runoff flows-pollutants unfiltered directly into our drinking water sources. The more infiltration of rainwater into the soil, the better off we all are.

The projects proposed in the Stormwater Master Plan will support our existing storm sewer system, slowing and reducing stormwater runoff, increasing infiltration, decreasing flooding, and improving the water quality of the Ridley Creek Watershed.

The Stormwater Master Plan was funded by Media Borough and a generous grant from the Growing Greener Program of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

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