Citizen Awareness Needed to Report Water Pollution

No Dumping Drains to CreekCitizens are encouraged to be on the lookout for illicit (illegal) discharges to our creeks and encouraged to call 911 to report them. Remember all of our storm drains lead to creeks, and there should be only rain going into these drain.

In the past, residents in our watershed have reported the following illicit discharges and practices which can foul our creeks and drinking water: leaking sanitary sewer manhole covers (especially during dry weather), soapy or power washing water entering storm drains, strong sewage odors, odors of gasoline, swimming pool discharges into streets, broken water mains, drainage of sump pumps directly into creeks, dumping of trash and yard waste near creeks, running hoses into creeks or storm drains, and fish kills. Your efforts are key to protecting clean water!