Wayfinding Signage System Under Construction

August 12, 2022 Update

The borough recently won a second grant from the state to implement the Wayfinding Plan, and the Wayfinding Project broke ground the week of August 8, 2022.  It will continue throughout the rest of the summer and into the fall. 

About the Project

The Project is replacing our old directional signage with a system of attractive, strategically placed, appropriately sized signs, specifically geared for each location and designed to be easily read at a glance.

The system is meant to guide visitors on the optimal routes to borough destinations.

A Word About Signage in Media

Have you ever been stopped in the street by a passing car asking directions to the Courthouse, the Library or even State Street?  Did you ever wonder, How can so many people become so lost in a place the size of Media?

Over the years Media has become cluttered with signs of such diverse sizes, shapes, colors and designs that they are more distracting than directional. To address this crisis of clutter the Borough obtained grant funding to create a Wayfinding Master Plan (PDF)

The Plan was developed by Merje, a design company specializing in municipal wayfinding systems, and was adopted by Borough  Council in 2016.  The Plan aims to make it easier to visit, explore and enjoy Media destinations and attractions by creating a system that includes not only traditional signage, but also brochures, kiosks, gateways, banners and digital communication as well, all working together to communicate to visitors an organized and friendly city and convey a message of welcome. 

Benefits to Media Borough residents?  The new wayfinding system will:

  • Improve the flow of automobiles, pedestrians and bicyclists throughout town.
  • Make automobile transportation more efficient by bringing drivers directly to parking and other destinations, avoiding frustrating search circles. 
  • Encourage the use of bicycles, pedestrian walkways and public transportation, making these means of transportation more accessible and user-friendly.
  • Promote Media Borough by creating a welcoming, engaging and safe experience for visitors, and by making it easier for them to find their way to the borough’s attractions.

Grant funding for the Wayfinding Master Plan was obtained from the Transportation and Community Development Initiative of the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission.

Construction of the Wayfinding System was partially funded by Multi-Modal Transportation Fund of the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

Supporting Documents